Your choice for circuit court judge is important because the everyday decisions that a circuit court judge makes can affect the liberty, freedoms, and financial welfare of our lives and future lives of those living in our county.

I earned my Juris Doctorate from the DePaul University College of Law and was admitted to both the Federal Bar of Northern District of Illinois and the State Bar Association back in 2000 and immediately began working for the Cook County State’s Attorney Office.

For the past seventeen years, I have worked my way up the ranks of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office where I currently serve as the lead attorney in a felony courtroom at the Rolling Meadows courthouse. I have extensive criminal prosecution as well as civil litigation experience.

While others just think about the law, I am arguing the law on behalf of the helpless victims who didn’t always have a voice. I have real world courtroom experience working in the trenches on a daily basis arguing on behalf of the people of Cook County. I have had the privilege of representing victims and successfully prosecuting criminals for crimes ranging from high level murder and kidnapping cases to domestic violence, adult and child sexual assault cases.

I also have unique civil litigation experience…dealing with single mothers in desperate need of child support from deadbeat dads, in juvenile court dealing with abused and neglected children and the parents who were looking for help to get those children back.  Conversely I’ve also dealt with terminating parental rights and putting children into good adoptive homes.

When I am not at work, I am in my community volunteering. Yes I am a soccer mom, a baseball mom, a Girl Scout mom, and a church mom to name a few. 

As a mother of 3 preteen children, my husband and I believe it is vitally important to instill the value of public service, respect for the rule of law, and to know that justice will always prevail.  We raise our children with the notion that justice is blind, that race, gender, ethnicity, economic status is not what makes a person who they are.

I believe my diverse experience as a litigator uniquely qualifies me to serve as your judge in the 13th subcircuit of Cook County and I hope you do as well.

I look forward to earning your support and ask for your vote on March 20th.